Chocolate by Mr Roberts

Chocolates by Mr. Roberts

A Boca Raton staple for over 40 years!

Each chocolate is meticulously made by combining the finest natural ingredients according to original, old world recipes, then carefully hand dipped in pure dark or milk chocolate. 

No chemical preservatives ever!


About Chocolates By Mr. Roberts

 Opened in 1982 in Winfield Plaza, Federal and 20th, Boca Raton, Florida, by Heinz Robert Goldschneider, Chocolates By Mr. Roberts continues to be a sweet tradition for generations of South Floridians.

In 2023 a new chocolatier, Matt Schwartz stepped into the role of Mr. Roberts IV, and the transition began. The previous owner is helping us perfect Mr. Roberts’ beloved original recipes in the traditions of the Old World.

We continue to make our hand-dipped truffles from scratch, with only the finest natural ingredients, as they have been for over 40 years. Freshness and true excellence continue to be the trademarks of Chocolate by Mr. Roberts.

Come Taste Our Tradition

Please come in to try our award-winning truffles and see the refreshes the 4th generation is implementing.
We’re currently innovating new product designs and mindful indulgences, including many sugar-free options.

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