Our Story

For the Love of Chocolate.

The original Mr. Roberts, Mr. Heinz Robert Goldschneider, was born in Vienna, Austria and learned how to make chocolates from his mother as a young boy. Heinz and his family fled the Nazis during World War II, originally to South America, where he worked as “a beekeeper and bee equipment manufacturer in Chile, a clothing manufacturer and hardware importer in Chile and a costume jewelry salesman/importer in Uruguay.


Heinz moved to New York City in the 1950s where he opened a tailor shop on the Upper East Side which he ran successfully for over 20 years. He briefly moved to Switzerland to apprentice at a chocolate factory as a “hobby,” but of course, Heinz’s business brain saw an opportunity. He opened his first chocolate store, Le Chocolatier, out of the back of the tailor shop, garnering international awards and earning 6 of the top 10 Chocolates of the Year awards by New York Magazine.

Heinz and Denise opened Chocolates by Mr. Roberts in April 1982 and CBMR quickly became a staple of the Boca small business community.  In 2006 the couple sold to “Mrs. and Mr. Roberts II”, Michele & Steve Zander, who carried on the fine tradition of quality handmade chocolate into the 2020’s. 

In 2023, Matt & Lisa Schwartz became the newest “Mr. & Mrs. Roberts”. We are honored to advance the legacy and traditions that started over 40 years ago. This beloved Boca Raton shop looks forward to continuing to serve our community delicious chocolate treats for generations to come!

Like Heinz & Denise and Michele & Steve, nothing makes us happier than #makingsweetmemories

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